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Our E-filing software serves local and state governments, connecting seamlessly with your current CAMA system.

Taxscribe GOV Features

We support a broad range of electronic communication with a variety of taxpayers.

Electronic Filing

Empower taxpayers to file Business Personal Property securely and easily online.

Tax Roll Search

Enable taxpayers to locate their businesses online using our intuitive tax roll search.

Email Notifications

Send instant email notifications updating taxpayers on the status of their listings.

Real Time Status

Give taxpayers the ability to view the current status of their listings in real time.

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Discover why local governments love Taxscribe

Receive, review, and approve taxpayer submissions within a single portal.

Our government-focused version of Taxscribe allows your local jurisdiction to receive and review forms of various types and communicate directly with filers before accepting. Gain access to a collection of workflow management tools to keep your office operating efficiently.

Why Use Taxscribe Individual?

  • Eliminate paper forms and file IPP forms directly to your county with electronic delivery.
  • Save time by automatically populating forms with previously submitted data.
  • File securely.
  • File confidently.

Taxscribe Individual

Why Use Taxscribe Individual?

Filing taxes within a jurisdiction that is compatible with Taxscribe? We’re helping taxpayers like you escape the hassle of paper forms by giving you a dashboard to electronically deliver your Individual Personal Property forms directly to your county for processing. Experience the ease of forms that auto-populate using your previously submitted data downloaded from the county directly. File securely, electronically, and confidently through Taxscribe Individual.

Why Use Taxscribe Business?

  • Expedites filing
  • Data validation to reduce errors
  • Message system that maintains a history of communication
  • Extension requests

Taxscribe Business

Why Use Taxscribe Business?

If you live and run your business from a jurisdiction that utilizes Taxscribe, our online portal can expedite your tax filing process. We make filing online simple, allowing for multiple revisions and reviews prior to submission. Need to attach additional documentation? No problem.

*This version of Taxscribe is built for filers in jurisdictions that allow efile, and have only one form to send to their local government.


Taxscribe GOV

Open the door to efficient communication with a wide array of taxpayers.

  • Supports multiple tax types
  • Intuitive work environment for assigning filings
  • Two-way communication with taxpayers and tax preparers
  • Repository of submitted information and interactions
  • Built on secure cloud resources

Taxscribe Gov+

Everything you love about Taxscribe GOV, plus:

person add
Internal Sharing

Share with other professional accounts in same organization.

Customized View

A customized look at the landscape of your jurisdiction.

Data Bridge API

API that let's data flow between Taxscribe and your local tax database.

Taxscribe Webinar

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